Danone Protects Lone Workers with Peoplesafe

10 Jan 2016

Danone Nutricia  has chosen Peoplesafe to protect nurses making home visits.

Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition and Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition are part of the Danone Group. Dedicated to delivering specialised nutrition, and with a proud heritage in research, innovation and development, both divisions are aligned to the Group’s mission to bring health through food to as many people as possible.

After evaluating the working tasks of their field based staff, Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition and Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition recognised the potential for risk and began to investigate options to reduce this. This assessment led to a number of steps being taken, one of which was the requirement for better technology to protect lone workers when undertaking their everyday tasks.

This demand for effective technology led to the discovery of the Peoplesafe service. With its diverse portfolio of devices and a strong commitment to service, Peoplesafe have established themselves as the outstanding choice in the market.

After a consultation stage where needs were fully assessed, each member of staff identified as a public facing lone worker was supplied with an Identicom 877 device. The device takes the form of a name badge which can accommodate an existing identity card and is worn around the neck on a lanyard. The device is linked to the dedicated Peoplesafe alarm receiving centre (First County Monitoring) and provides a call for an emergency response during a risk or duress situation through a discreet button press on the back of the device.

During 2013 and 2014 the lone worker service was implemented for more it’s employees alongside a renewed focus from within the business on lone worker safety. During this period Peoplesafe’s dedicated training and support teams worked closely with management to create policies and training programmes that improved the whole health and safety ethos of the organisation.

Peoplesafe provide a dedicated Account Manager who proactively monitors usage on the account. This means that any issues are quickly addressed by a member of staff who is familiar with the specific needs of the organisation and is able to reach quick and efficient resolutions. Customised reports are available to monitor different aspects of the, account such as the number of Red Alerts activated.

Gerry Jarvis, Global Wise Safety Manager commented:"Our lone working programme has the full engagement of the Field Based Teams, and the provision of the PeopleSafe technology has really embedded and enhanced our safe working practices. It’s great to know that our teams are supported and looked after by the Peoplesafe system."

The Identicom from Peoplesafe is now fully integrated into the working practices of Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition and Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition, and is an essential part of everyday working tools. Device usage is encouraged and underpinned by personal safety training and all staff understand the importance of safe lone working practices. All staff work to the ethos of ‘everyone to go home safe’ and the Peoplesafe devices provide real confidence to encourage this positive safety message.

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United Kingdom

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