Fortified Food Handling Glove

Fortified is Europe’s first antimicrobial and anti-bacterial nitrile single use glove, created by Unigloves® and antimicrobial technology specialist BioCote.

Designed to reduce risks of cross contamination in the food processing and manufacturing sectors, Fortified incorporates innovative silver ion technology from BioCote, scientifically proven to destroy 90% of bacteria within just 15 minutes and 99.5% in only two hours.

The BioCote® technology incorporated within the new Fortified gloves prevents microbial colonisation and also renders them non-infectious, through protein and oxidative damage, membrane disruption and DNA interference. The antimicrobial protection lasts for the lifetime of the glove, as the BioCote® Technology is impregnated into it.

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Pearl Glove Range

Pearl Glove Range

The 15-glove notrile Pearl Colour System gloves range, helps organisations across the food, health, hygiene, care homes and facilities management sectors more effectively manage cross contamination risks.

The range, combines high quality, AQL 1.5 medical grade, powder-free nitrile gloves avai...

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