5 Apr 2019

Silica is a natural substance found in materials common on construction sites, like concrete, rocks and sand.  The dust created by cutting, grinding or drilling concrete products can contain respirable crystalline silica.  

Over time, exposure to these silica particles causes scarring in the Lungs. The control of airborne silica dust is a constant challenge for industries that create the dust. The key to preventing silica exposure is to keep silica dust out of the air.  

That’s a tall order for giant manufacturing sites like Ibstock Brick.  Former methods like broom sweeping are neither efficient nor effective, which is why Ibstock Brick contacted Tennant to help find a solution

Tennant offers three types of dust control methods that can be used to support silica control housekeeping requirements.  As Tennant developed it’s offering, they worked closely with Ibstock Brick to test their HEPA enabled S20 sweeper.  

The Tennant S20 is a versatile and durable mid-sized industrial sweeper with a three-stage primary filter system, plus the option was made available for a 4th stage HEPA dust filter.  

“A HEPA filter has a special filter media that can clean to a very high standard by removing microscopic particulate from the air” - Jamie Harris Tennant National Account Manager.  

Based on Ibstock Bricks testing, the HEPA filter should last at least six months, possibly up to a year depending on the customer’s application. 

Proper usage and maintenance practices will help increase the effectiveness of the machine’s filtration stages and the life of the HEPA filter.

Ibstock Brick’s new Eclipse site was awarded the Industry Pledge Award for measures to control dust within a factory.

“Without the Tennant Machines we would not be able to keep the site clean and safe, the S20 and T20 in particular helps us maintain a clean site and are easy to use and do a great job helping us keep the dust levels low on site and help us keep the floors clean and safe”.Mike Wardle – Hygiene and Cleaning Supervisor Ibstock Eclipse

“Tennant have provide us support and helped us identify machines that have helped us in keeping the new factory clean.  The Tennant equipment helped us gain the Industry Pledge Award for measures to control dust within a factory in December 2018 which is something that we are very proud of and would have not achieved this without the Tennant machines that we have on site”.

Michael Caughey – Senior Production Manager Ibstock Eclipse

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