International Dance Shoes: Asset Management Case Study

20 Mar 2019

International Dance Shoes uses Asset-i to ‘Strictly’ manage the correct despatch of goods.


International Dance Shoes is a renowned worldwide manufacturer and supplier of ladies, children’s and men’s dance shoes. Specialising in Latin and Ballroom shoes and with over 30 years of experience within the industry, their shoes are the first choice for many of today’s leading amateur and professional dancers including the supply of virtually all the shoes to the performers on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing show. The shoes are carefully hand-crafted at their home in Milton Keynes, England in the UK, which is where they were established back in 1980. International Dance Shoes are available throughout the globe, with resellers operating throughout the world.

Challenges & Installation

The objective of the system was to ensure assets are correctly identified at point of manufacture, then correctly picked and packed to eliminate any despatch errors which would cause inconvenience to customer and International Dance Shoes.

Shoes, unlike many products, come is so many variations, sizes, widths, colours; this added to the fact that International Dance Shoes make such a specialist product means creating a stock record can be problematic, and then the subsequent identification of each product extremely difficult increasing the opportunity for packing errors.

Furthermore, the need to accurately document exactly what has been dispatched to each customer and country, and be able to instantly report by style, size, quantity is essential to be able to continue high level of service and support to clients.

ExPD used its own bespoke development skills and its core Asset-i product as the platform to build a system which meets all the International Dance Shoes requirements.

IDS now have an On-Line system accessible via any of their PC’s with internet access, meaning that staff can add new products quicker than ever using ‘add wizard’, and print packing sheets, and retrieve valuable information instantly without the need to return to stock PC.

The core system is web-based and uses Android mobile computers/phone for scanning and recording transactions. The mobile application allows the despatch department to scan every item at point of packing, using an Android PDA, thus eliminating any errors and dynamically creates the packing list on completion. The packing list is automatically emailed to the client, the admin department, and sent to the printer meaning the operators can concentrate their time on getting more items despatched.

The barcode tracking software, Asset-i, was deployed and met the full requirement within a couple of weeks of install,  ExPD worked closely with Justin Patel, Director at International Dance Shoes to ensure Asset-i provides the functionality and information required.

Justin Patel, Director at International Dance Shoes, commented, “we had a system which did the job, but due to technical reasons we had to upgrade. ExPD understood the business requirements and delivered an exact fit solution on-time and on budget”.

Justin continued “ExPD have provided a system which surpassed our expectation, the guys we dealt with were a pleasure to work with and we hope we continue to enjoy such a positive business relationship”.

ExPD bespoke development services provide solution to numerous application types, whether asset tracking is education, vehicles tracking at Airport carparks, parcel handling, stock and inventory management, manufacturing inspection processes, QA auditing, etc.

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