Joya Shoes

The ideaThe human body is not designed to walk on hard, flat ground. We are walking in shoes that barely allow our feet their natural range of movement. Therefore the support and stabilizing muscles are getting neglected, which can cause problems in the locomotor system.

Joya – the world’s softest shoe!Joya makes walking so comfortable and absorbs impacts so well that it can have a beneficial effect on your feet, back and joints. Joya shoes provide a comfortable walking feeling and support the natural and active way of walking.

How Joya affects the bodyIncreased pelvic movement as the foot sinks into the soft PU sole. Can be supportive with back pain, tensed muscles and hip problems.Natural roll-through via outside of foot. Can be supportive with foot problems (e.g. fallen arches, splay foot, heel spur) and knee problems.Ultra-soft cushioning provides a relieving effect. Can be supportive with foot problems (e.g. arthrosis), heel p...

Joya Shoes
T: 07809 207473

PO Box 1368
IG11 1HF
Barking, Essex
United Kingdom

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