Libryo Case Studies

30 Apr 2018

A better way to know the law. 

Knowing the law should be easy, but it’s not. Law is poorly organised, it’s not searchable or easy to read. It changes regularly and not all of it applies to your business. If your operations span multiple jurisdictions, this complexity can quickly become overwhelming and put your business at risk. 
With Libryo, it’s quick, accurate and cost-effective to know your legal obligations for every operation.

Case study 1: Multi-national Telco
“No way to know applicable regulations – ISO certifications at risk”

  • Over 30000 mobile towers throughout 49 Sub-Saharan African Countries (and hundreds of local law-making authorities).
  • The telco had no way to know the EHS regulations applicable at each tower.
  • A major finding of non-conformance to global EMS ISO 14001 and SMS OHSAS 18001 certification was made which put the global certification at risk.
  • Due to the complexity of regulatory landscape, hiring a team of lawyers, at great expense, would still not guarantee a solution.
  • In the Libryo Platform, each tower was geo-located with a google maps integration and the attributes of each tower were captured.
  • Using the corresponding jurisdiction combined with the attributes of each tower,  Libryo prescribed the unique set of regulations (or regulatory universe) applicable to the operation of each tower.
  • The telco’s employees gained access to a host of features (see below) enabling them to know, simply what the law required of them, and manage regulatory compliance.
  • Using Libryo, the telco saved hundreds of thousands of dollars (annually, and accessed a more efficient, and accurate solution than if a manual approach was used.

Case study 2: National Airport Operator
“No efficient or accurate way to link operational risk to legal risk.”THE PROBLEM:

  • An operator of the domestic and international airports within a single country with EHS regulations made at three different levels of government is responsible for the management of extensive operational assets with a multiplicity of environmental and health and safety risks.
  • The operator did not have a reliable way to ensure that its EMS and SMS were kept updated when the body of legislation was amended. 
  • The airport had attempted to find another way of identifying and keeping up to date with relevant legislation, but had not been able to.
  • For the legislation that was identified as applicable, manual methods of integrating this with the management system proved inaccurate and too time-consuming to be reliable.
  • Each international and domestic airport was geo-located in the Libryo Platform with a google maps integration and the attributes of aspect of the airport in question were captured in the Libryo Platform.
  • Using the corresponding legal jurisdictions (national, provincial and local) and the specific operational aspects, risks and attributes of each airport, Libryo prescribed the unique set of regulations (or regulatory universe) applicable to the operation of each airport.
  • The Libryo Platform was integrated with each airport’s aspect and impacts register and hazard identification risk assessment (MS Excel based)*. This enabled the specific regulations applicable to each risk to be easily accessed and automatically updated.
  • Using Libryo, the EHS managers made significant savings in identifying regulations and linking them to risk assessments, but more importantly, the managers could know, for certain what applicable regulations required through a technology-enabled accurate and automated solution.
  • *Integrations are also possible with GRC software.

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