Locstatt uses web and mobile technology to harvest on-site HSSE data. It is easy to use technology that gives you the necessary leading indicators you need to make the right decisions for optimized rig, plant or industrial process safety.

We have built Locstatt because we knew that we had the right combination of safety knowledge, experience in design, skilled developers, dedicated supporting helpdesk and above all an honest and ethical team philosophy. We know that we are making a difference in the industry and this is what drives us each and every day.

As a Safety Director / Manager, would you like to enhance your safety management system with a digital product incorporating data base mobile technology?

Would you like this product to have been designed from the coalface backwards, taken from over 30 years of hands on experience?

Would you also like a product that incorporates a completely integrated applications ...

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Locstatt Return on Investment (ROI)
Case Study

Locstatt Return on Investment (ROI)

It is well understood that on-site safety advisors currently have more tasks than time. Tasks slipping off the table have a cost impact. 

A Locstatt client recently performed a return on investment or ROI calculation for the Locstatt process simply based on the cost of personnel resource savings. The results were overwhelming.

Return on investment over 600%

Payback period within the first Year

5 year realized gain (personnel only) over $600K

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