Locstatt Return on Investment (ROI)

13 Oct 2018

It is well understood that on-site safety advisors currently have more tasks than time. Tasks slipping off the table have a cost impact. 

A Locstatt client recently performed a return on investment or ROI calculation for the Locstatt process simply based on the cost of personnel resource savings. The results were overwhelming.

Return on investment over 600%

Payback period within the first Year

5 year realized gain (personnel only) over $600K

To do their job effectively on-site safety advisors need to perform approximately 86 tasks or key job indictors (KJI’s).

It was identified by experienced operational and safety team that typically 9 of these tasks were carried out efficiently and 56 inefficiently due to time restrictions or lack of personnel resources.

Out of the 86 tasks Locstatt was able to assist in 82 which resulted in a time saving of approximately 450 hours per month or over $100K per year.

Now in reality, our clients have realized that in addition to personnel savings, Locstatt assists a company due to the fact that:

1.  It provides a pathway for contractors to follow when managing their health and safety programs

2.  It provides information at the work site or coal face.

3.  It allows the management of contractors to monitor performance of their personnel at the work site

4.  It provides a two way flow of information between managers and employees

5.  Real time data enables managers to make informed decisions on how to manage health and safety

6.  Demonstrating Safety Management System (SMS) compliance to clients is simple and transparent which leads to a competitive advantage

7.  A well-managed SMS improves both safety and quality and allows a company to outperform its competitors

Certainly something to think about!

Visit us at stand SH1656 at Safety & Health Expo 2019 or schedule a demo today.

We look forward to discussing this subject with you as we have a lot of projects where this Return on Investment and Performance Improvement has become a reality. This is what out clients say:
We need this information that Locstatt provides. It allows us to share and track safety related issues, and the information is available across multiple facilities, which reduces duplication of time and effort.

In addition, significant cost savings are realized as we can see the whole picture and focus our resources on targeting corrective actions where they are needed, as opposed to spending money indiscriminately".
  EHS Director
Locstatt has changed not only the way safety professionals respond to leading indicators, but the way we monitor them.

Just two years ago leading indicators were weeks or months old. Locstatt has been able to change the way companies collect, analyze and respond to leading and lagging indicators. Never again will I wonder who is participating in or being a champion of our safety programs. Capturing leading indicators in real-time has changed the way we respond.

Now issues are recognized and trends are established in real-time, providing the safety professional with critical decision-making data at its most crucial time - not weeks or months after a project or trend has passed.
  Director of Health, Safety & Environment Industrial Contracting Company
Locstatt is not a silver bullet to contractor HSE management, but it does provide contractors, and in our case as an owner, with systems including mobile reporting stations, that we could never have envisaged even within our own company systems. By providing these same systems to all contractors ensures the timely flow of information and creates the environment for a one-team approach to contractor management, due to the fact that we can both see the same information in real time.   Drilling Manager - Major Oil Company

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Locstatt: What People Say

Locstatt: What People Say

We know that we are making a difference in the industry and this is what drives us each and every day. We love to hear feedback from our clients! Find out what people are saying about us. Testimonials from the people that we support.

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Locstatt: What does Right Look Like?

Locstatt: What does Right Look Like?

Why choose us? We provide the tools that will make the job of safety verification easier and faster, no matter who’s using it and no matter what data needs to be integrated.

With Locstatt, owners / operators and contractors have the ability to setup their company's administration exactly the way they currently organize their business. Companies build the backbone of their line of work, transactions, and processes. 

Locstatt’s mobile workstations are easy-to-use technology that won’t leave operators or contractors stranded. The workstations are available on Windows, iOS and Android devices. The purpose of the workstation is to collect data and also to make information or process guidance available at the point where the data is required, offline and online, anywhere, anytime.

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Locstatt Timeline

Locstatt Timeline

The Locstatt health, safety, security and environmental application designs have withstood the test of time. There are sound reasons why the entire system from development engineering to mobile workstations to helpdesk support and finally web compression reporting, functions the way it does. The system was designed by experienced safety personnel from the coalface backwards with powerful software development support, not the other way around. It is intuitive with very little training required which is a significant cost saving. See for yourself. Schedule a demo today.

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