No more black nose syndrome for XPO Logistics

31 Oct 2019

The staff at XPO Logistics in Venray worked every day in an environment where too much fine dust was present. Zehnder Clean Air Solutions implemented a solution which reduced the dust by 67 %. 

XPO Logistics is one of the largest players in the global market of warehousing and logistics. The company provides efficient storage of goods at its 1500 locations in more than 34 countries, but in Venray the multinational does something special: Reverse Logistics. Every year 50,000 printers and 5 million toner cartridges arrive at the warehouse. The parts are repaired, recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. 

Weeelabex certified

Every processor of electronics in Europe must meet the quality requirements of Weeelabex to be able to recycle goods. This applies to XPO Logistics too, and they have obtained the certification. To remain compliant with future European quality standards, XPO Logistics wanted to reduce the level of fine dust now. According to Jan Gommans, XPO manager, that was very important. “We’re proud of our Weeelabex certificate and we’d certainly like to keep it.”

Dust can swirl around a room unseen

The amount of dust at XPO is caused by the fact that printers and copiers are often stored for long periods in boxes. When the printers and copiers are opened for the first time since production, a lot of fine dust is suddenly released into the air. The dust isn’t visible as it swirls about the room, but it can be felt. Staff noticed that they were finding it harder and harder to breathe in the warehouse, but also that the boxes and machines were dusty. Dave van Houten, Second Team Leader & Technical Test Engineer: We used to start the day by cleaning up all the dust, but the next day it was back on your work surface. You couldn’t get through a day without having to clean up the dust. Production Assistant Sylvia Scheibel could feel that there was a lot of dust in the room. “It was getting harder to breathe, and when you blew your nose your handkerchief was black.” XPO Logistics therefore set about finding a solution to this problem. Through a network contact of manager Jan Gommans, the Board was put in touch with Zehnder Clean Air Solutions. They quickly made contact, and Zehnder helped investigate ways to tackle the problem.

Less dust means a better working environment at XPO Logistics 

Management is delighted with the solution. “We now have a pleasant working environment, and that’s very important for our employees who work hard. They deserve a clean and pleasant working environment,” says Richard Quick, Site Manager at XPO Logistics Venray. Production Assistant Henk Klabbers noticed immediately that the fine dust levels in the working environment had decreased. “The boxes are less dusty, but also my clothes and nostrils aren’t so black.”

The decrease in dust in the warehouse has not only provided an improved working environment for the 125 employees, but has also reduced the cleaning costs for the company. “Now we only have to clean up the dust once a week, on Mondays, and for the rest of the week the whole workspace stays clean,” says Dave van Houten. 

Fine dust levels cut by 67 %

The Zehnder Clean Air Solutions system has reduced dust levels by 67 %. When the system filters are full, Zehnder Clean Air Solutions staff replaces them. “If something ever goes wrong, they’re here on the doorstep the next day to solve it. That’s fantastic. We’re not specialists in this area, and Zehnder Clean Air Solutions sorts everything for us,” says Richard Quick. “I’d definitely recommend them to other people.”

Unit 4, Watchmoor Point
GU15 3AD
Surrey, Camberley
United Kingdom

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