Reaching Top Leadership through EHS Data

24 May 2017

Safety professionals already understand the importance of developing a strong safety culture in the workplace. It helps reduce accidents, incidents, and near misses, improves productivity and morale, and reduces costs. At the same time, successfully maintaining an effective safety culture needs buy-in from top leadership. This can be a tougher sell to executives who are under pressure to increase productivity and grow the bottom line and don’t necessarily see the connection with safety. How can you reach out to these top leaders? How do you get their attention? 


Len Jannaman recently joined UL EHS Sustainability as VP of EHS Sustainability services. After completing 33 years with DuPont in manufacturing and business management, including 10 years as the leader of their external safety consulting business. His specialty is helping companies install world-class safety management system, to engage employees from the CEO to the factory floor, so that their safety goals can be achieved.

Aaron Morales joined UL EHS Sustainability in 2014 as a business development consultant. Previously, he worked as a sustainability consultant in Mexico, where he collaborated with companies in the development and implementation of their sustainability strategies, including responsible procurement and CSR. Aaron leverages both his academic background and experience to bring software solutions, from EHS and Sustainability to supply chain, to clients all across Latin America.

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