Small Change, Big Difference

5 Dec 2016

Sometimes small habitual changes can make the biggest changes to your health and wellbeing. Here are 8 must's when it comes to making those small changes. 

1. According to one study, within 1 hour of eating 100g sugar, your immune system defences and white blood cells lose the ability to fend off bacteria and viruses.

2. In a study of 200,000 people over 30 years, those who ate two small of of natural yogurt per week were 18% less likely to develop diabetes. 
3. 31% of us don't trust the nutrition labels on pre-packaged food. We often don't know the difference between similar pieces of information, such as fat and saturated fat and are confused by the serving suggestion.
4. Eat within half an hour of waking up otherwise you will be running on adrenalin through the day, leaving you prone to early morning wakefulness the following day.
5. Leave any leftover foods on the kitchen worktop rather than serving dishes in the centre of the dining table will make you mindful of how much you're eating if you reach for second. Once cooled, freeze for a later date.
6. Rather than focussing on calories - eating a meal with a good balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats will help you feel fuller for longer, give you a wide range of nutrients, giving you more energy. 
7. If you chew more thoroughly, you will further break down your food, which will release nutrients into your bloodstream more quickly, enabling your brain to register that you're full sooner.
8. Aim to include red, orange and green food on your plate at every meal. By this becoming your focus you'll be sure to start eating a wider range of fruits and vegetables. 

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