TraffiGlove & DSM Dyneema to unveil new safety glove range with colored Dyneema® Diamond Technology

17 Jun 2016

UK firm first licensee of Dyneema® Diamond Technology to offer red/amber/green safety gloves

TraffiGlove UK, a leading British manufacturer of personal-protection safety gloves, has partnered with DSM Dyneema to develop an innovative new line of solid colored, cut-resistant gloves.

This new product range, called ‘Iconic’, uses DSM’s Dyneema Diamond Technology in combination with the UK firm’s well-established, color-coded traffic-light classification system for protective gloves. This makes TraffiGlove the first licensee of this DSM technology to introduce solid colored versions of high-performance safety gloves. The Bracknell, England-based company will offer its complete Iconic line of gloves in the familiar red, amber and green colors of its Original traffic-light system as an immediately visible signal of the cut protection level provided.

Using its own special coating technology, TraffiGlove coats every individual Dyneema fiber before producing the Iconic gloves to ensure a uniform, bright and permanent color. TraffiGlove is the only company in the world to color safety gloves this way.

This partnership with DSM Dyneema has allowed TraffiGlove to set a course for ambitious growth through the introduction of value-added products. Moreover, the collaboration has allowed TraffiGlove to enter markets in which it had previously not been active, such as mechanical assembly, automotive and aerospace.

The two firms worked to develop the Iconic glove range in response to the market need for comfortable, well-fitting safety gloves with superior cut resistance. Statistics show that in Europe accidents often occur because workers fail to wear safety gloves or wear gloves not suitable for the task being performed. Workers tend to shun gloves that are uncomfortable, clumsy or simply too warm to wear. Hand injuries are among the most common work-related injuries reported today, and these accidents can have major impacts affecting both personal lives and business operation. Aside from the toll on workers’ health, hand injuries tend to be associated with considerable direct costs, as well as with indirect costs such as lost productivity, training for replacement workers and negative publicity.

“Leveraging all the advantages of DSM’s cutting-edge Dyneema Diamond Technology, the solid colored Iconic range eliminates the drawbacks of previous generations of safety gloves,” said Olivier Boubeaud, Global Business director at DSM Dyneema. “The technology is based on our ultra high-molecular-weight polyethylene fiber and offers a high-end solution for gloves that combine cut protection with comfort.”

As an official licensee with access to Dyneema Diamond Technology, TraffiGlove has now moved to develop a value position in the cut-resistant glove market by creating the new Iconic glove. Lightweight, with MicroDex Precise palm coating for exceptional grip in dry, wet and oily conditions, the glove is designed to provide comfort, close-fitting dexterity and cut protection at EN388 Level 3, 4 and 5. The level of protection is instantly recognizable by the familiar Original traffic-light code, helping to ensure the right glove is selected for every application.

“TraffiGlove invented the original colour-coded traffic-light safety system which has been imitated by manufacturers around the world,” noted Franz Lorenschitz, Marketing Manager at TraffiGlove. “As the first licensee to incorporate Dyneema Diamond Technology into a complete range of colour-coded safety gloves, we are delighted to partner with DSM Dyneema to offer the ultimate in lightweight high cut protection.”

This DSM technology takes cut resistance and comfort to a new level. Together, TraffiGlove and DSM Dyneema are creating game-changing glove technology that promises a bright and colorful future for hand protection, with optimum safety for all end users.

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